Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My holiday at church.

WOW! Did you know that my church had a sleep over with Onehunga at my church?

All of the girls were piled up in the kindergarten, some of the boys slept in the small room and the others slept in the hall. During the holidays our church had a sleep over. There was another church called Onehunga that came and slept over at our church. When they came to our church I thought that they were (EVIL) but I was wrong!!!. As they walked in I felt nervous so I went and sat on the chair and when they sat down I said to myself ‘Please Don’t’, it was amazing because they could read my mine.
The Onehunga church shared a performance with us which was a dance. I thought this was really good because they were doing fast moves and a little girl sang in a really high voice which was amazing. Once this was done my attitude towards the Onehunga people changed because I realised they weren’t that bad.
We began to pray together which was cool because we all prayed, we did worship, we sang songs and we shared performances for entertainment.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Imagine a tornado hitting near you? (scared) Everything that I have would be damaged just like that!

Did you know that it was ripping roofs off and flipping cars over?. There was a man that was fixing a roof, he didn’t know that a tornado was coming towards him. Not that long after, the tornado hit him and took him away and spun him around and around and ended up cracking his head onto the building.

As the people realised that there was and tornado they run and run to save they lives.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Geometry Traslation

In room 20 we have been learning about geometry and this is a picture of how I translated my shape. Translation in Geometry means moving a shape to another place on the grid with out rotating or flipping it. Moves in one direction from one place to another.