Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Auntie Fane

My auntie Fane looks tall, she’s got black straight hair. Her skin is lighter than mine and she looks pretty because of her long black eyelashes.

She is so lovely and funny. She is always tired because she doesn't have enough time at night to sleep because she has work to do. She always make’s people laugh when she sings. If my sister was still alive my auntie would take her anywhere like the mall. My auntie Fane told my sister that when she has something special at school like a prom she would give her a prom dress to wear.

She likes exploring the mall. She likes singing and dancing. She loves go shopping and hanging out with her mates and her family and also going church and to youth.

The thing she hates is when she has to go work. Another thing she hates is when she turns up at church for youth and no one turns up or just 1 or 2 people that tuns up.

The reason that my auntie is special because she likes spending money on me and spending time with me and my family.


  1. She sounds like a fantastic Aunty. It must be very special spending time with her.
    Make sure you check your work carefully before you post you have missed a few words here and there that I know you would have found if you took the time to check it more thoroughly.
    Mrs Nua

    I read your story about Fane did you know that she is your cosion and my Aunty and you were right she dose like exploring the mall hahahahahahahaha. Oh and you wrote alot about her.

    By Isabella Namoa your cusion from p.b.s


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