Tuesday, July 5, 2011

About Meleane

I have wonderful memories of Marianne. She was a good sister and I love her so much.
No matter what, she will always be a caring sister.

I liked how my sister smiles, I liked when she laughs, I hated it when she cried and I also hated it when she was angry. I liked how she dressed and even when she put her red lipstick on.
My dad always called her “His Princess: He will never call her something else. When she smiled her teeth just blinked and shined towards our face.

Every Tuesday she came to my netball game with her funny friends. She only came to one of my games but anyways I still loved my sister Marianne.

I ask myself why would my sister do something dumb. I miss her kisses, I miss how she cleans my room. When I'm alone doing my homework usually me and my sister did our homework together. I really miss her, more than ever before. We can’t believe shes gone, It’s weird without her. Usually when we woke up for school she just stood there and said “Wake up, it’s school time.” She stood there, holding my brush, waiting to brush my hair. When she finished she told me to go in to kitchen and have our breakfast. When we were done, she stood at the door and waved goodbye to me.

I miss her and love her with all my heart. I feel sorry for my dad and my mummy . Although we have lost a princess, heaven has gained another beautiful angel. R.I.P Sis.

My best sisterever I love I miss her she is all way’s
in my heart. Meleane was born as a princess and she died as a queen.