Friday, November 30, 2012

The Bush Stalker.

Splish Splash the rain falling from the sky it was a cold morning with dark clouds appearing. Looking outside my window and singing “Rain Rain go away come on another day”. In the morning, my cousin Helen got dropped by so we could walk to school. We ran into the garage to get two umbrellas, hoping it would help a little.

I love walking to school taking shortcuts through the parks. Unfortunately today, we had to walk in the rain but lucky we had umbrellas. 

While we were strolling to school we heard a strange sound coming from the bushes. Helen was very scared but the as we started to walk we heard someone trip over a pile of sticks.

Everywhere we turned the sound kept on following us. It came from the bushes the bushes movement just got bigger and weirder.

I was starting to get scared when we saw a shadow creeping up behind us. Helen and I turned our heads terrified to see who it was. We ran as if our mum was coming after us “School is just up ahead” I yelled to Helen. When we ran my umbrella fell out of my hands ...

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